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Who was born with the smell of tortellini that accompanies every special day of our childhood can recognize homemade tortellini at a glance, but especially true tortellini of the Bolognese tradition. The preparation and culture of tortellini is part of our story, so we are proud to spread this Emilian speciality to our customers. Il Murello agritourism proposes his majesty tortellino in broth, with cream sauce and even tortellini without gluten for people with coeliac disease. 

If you look for a place near Bologna where to eat healthy you can’t miss Il Murello recommended restaurant.  

The name tortellino that in Boognese is called "turtléin", comes from the diminutive of “ tortello”, which derives from the term “torta”( cake). The tortellini are a typical dish for Christmas lunch, they can make the meal elegant and rich in history.

primi particolari agriturismo    antipasto tipico bologna     tortellini di bologna 

There are several legends about the origin of this dish. One of them narrates that it was born in Castelfranco Emilia thanks to the owner of the Corona inn who, spying a noble lady who was a guest through her room keyhole, and so struck by the beauty of her navel, decided to reproduce it as a cooking speciality.

On 7th December 1974 the “ Brotherhood of the Tortellino” and “the Italian Academy of Cookery “ deposited the recipe for the filling at the Bologna Chamber of Commerce; it prescribes a stuffing prepared with pork loin, raw ham, Bologna mortadella, Parmigiano Reggiano, eggs and nutmeg in a dough of flour and eggs of 6/10 mm.

Tortellini, according to the Bolognese tradition, are to be cooked and eaten only in a good capon or hen broth.p>

primi particolari agriturismo    antipasto tipico bologna     tortellini di bologna 

The preparation is quite laborious, but the choice of raw material surely makes the difference for tortellini. Our “sfogline” ( women who roll pasta sheets) prepare the dough with their hands, with mastery and using the roll pin skilfully. The dough obtained in this way is rolled in a damp cloth to dry a little, at this point it’s ready to be stretched out on a cutting board and be cut in squares of 3,5 cm per side, at the centre the right quantity of filling has been placed. The ingredients of our stuffing is a secret that we’ll reveal to you when you taste them...


This speciality, like green lasagna Bolognese, is available even without gluten, indeed from April 2011 we are part of the group of informed restaurants AiC: Italian Society for the Celiac disease. We have become experts in every aspect of the management , from the cookery to the protection of your table seating.
The whole staff training and education hasn’t been easy, and neither kneading a kind of dough never made before. Our sfogline managed to work and find the right balance for doughs without gluten, it has been complicated, but with diligence we succeeded to elaborate and create very special and good gluten-free dishes, let you be surprised by our dishes!

Call for information: 051-6962054 or send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Recommended restaurant near Bologna and Imola, Il Murello agritourism is famous for Bolognese tortellini and many other refined and original first courses.

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Piccole crescentine con salame e prosciutto di Parma, Sformatino di melanzana con crema di Parmigiano Reggiano Assaggio della nostra marmellata di cipolla in agrodolce e Squacquerone

Tortino di melanzana con pomodoro al basilico e ricotta salata.

Zucchine ripiene con mousse di ricotta di pecora, pane fritto alla curcuma e crudo croccante.


Lasagna tradizionale verde Bolognese.

Girasoli di burrata con pesto di rucola e pomodorini secchi.

Caserecce al ragù di cortile con gocce di zafferano e radicchio rosso.


Coscia di pollo ruspante disossata con purea di patate arrosto e peperone al forno.

Saltimbocca di vitello all’emiliana ripieni di coppa di testa, grana e salvia con cavolo riccio in padella.

Filetto di maiale al lardo con radicchio stufato al vino rosso e cipollotto in agrodolce rosolato.

Sagra della tigella e della crescentina, accompagnate da Prosciutto crudo di Parma, Salame, Mortadella IGP e marmellate in agrodolce.

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Cheesecake alla prugna

Semifreddo con amaretti in scaglie di cioccolato fondente e altri dolci…

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