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For whom is looking for an excellent restaurant in province of Bologna the ideal solution is an agritourism where to taste a homemade great green lasagna Bolognese. At few kilometers from Bologna there is Il Murello agritourism, ready to delight their customers with some tempting proposals.In the dinner restaurant many traditional dishes enriched by a touch of originality.

Are you looking for a very good restaurant or agritourism recommended for typical Bolognese dishes? Near Bologna you’ll find Il Murello agritourism where Emilian traditional dishes remained the same like in the past.

Even though its origins are still shrouded in mystery , no doubt that the lasagna is a very ancient food. It seems that already the Etruscans prepared a kind of lasagna made of emmer wheat, and it is certain that already the Romans prepared a variety of it that the poet Horace liked very much. Indeed, in the Roman era there was a dish called lasanum that was made of squares of grilled pasta with vegetables and cheese. The idea to overlap these strips of pasta, instead, dates back to the 14th century, when Francesco Zambrini decided to alternate a layer of pasta and a layer of cheese, creting the first recipe of lasagna how we know it now. Through the centuries this dish spread in all Italy, creating many different kinds of lasagna, from vegetable lasagna to cheese lasagna, so almost every Italian region has a typical version of lasagna by now. Among them the most famous in the world is, probably, Bolognese lasagna. It is a long preparation that requires a lot of dedication and love, but gives great satisfaction. 

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The lasagna is a classic first course that is so good and tasty that never goes out of fashion. It is a quite demanding procedure, maybe for this reason Green lasagna is prepared for celebrations or special events, but it is really worth the time it takes to taste this fantastic lasagna, that has nothing to do with the ready lasagna you can buy at the supermarket or at the take-away shop .Meat sauce and béchamel prepared with selected and fresh ingredients, and to speed they can be anticipated the day before, then heating them in the microwave oven or in bain-marie ( the béchamel) will be enough ,adding a drizzle of milk to make the béchamel soft. The green fresh pasta with eggs and spinach, according to the basic recipe enclosed, can be prepared in advance even the day before, it is parboiled and dried in kitchen clothes, eventually wrapped as a roll in oven paper made of layers and put in the fridge, it will be ready for the baking tray.

lasagne bolognesi agriturismo bologna    lasagne tradizionali agriturismo bologna    lasagne senza glutine ristorante bologna

Green lasagna Bolognese, such as tortellini, is available even without gluten, indeed from April 2011 we are part of the group of informed restaurants AiC: Italian Society for the Celiac disease. We have become experts in every aspect of the management , from the cookery to the protection of your table seating.p>

The whole staff training and education hasn’t been easy, and neither kneading a kind of dough never made before. Our sfogline managed to work and find the right balance for doughs without gluten, it has been complicated, but with diligence we succeeded to elaborate and create very special and good gluten-free dishes, let you be surprised by our dishes!

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Recommended restaurant and agritourism near Bologna Il Murello Bologna restaurant famous for Bolognese lasagna

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È composto scegliendo
tra le portate della settimana:
un primo, un secondo, un contorno e un dolce.

A persona, € 29.00

Bimbi sotto i 10 anni, € 15.00

Adulto Senza Glutine € 32,00

Menu del Murello

Le portate della settimana

Da domenica 21 a domenica 21 febbraio 2021


Antipasto del Murello: Piccole crescentine con salame e prosciutto di Parma, Sformatino di verdure, Assaggio della nostra marmellata di cipolla in agrodolce e Squacquerone

Pasta e fagioli: crema di fagioli borlotti con pasta fritta, olio al prezzemolo e gocce di pomodoro.

Primi uno a scelta tra:

Lasagna del Murello

Quadrotti di pecorino con salsa di peperoni dolci

Maccheroncini leggermente piccanti con ricotta salata

Secondo e contorni:

Costine di maiale cotte a bassa temperatura con cicoria leggermente piccante

Vitello tonnato con maionese al prezzemolo e pomodorini caramellati con patate arrosto al profumo di rosmarino..

Golosità :

Tenerina di cioccolato con mascarpone,

Crema croccante al forno,

Semifreddo allo Yogurt con frutti di bosco.

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